Ms. Yanique Stewart

Rhonica A. Connor, the lone entry for Omololu International School, captured first place in the Anguilla Bar Association essay competition. She received a plaque and Samsung Galaxy Tablet. Second place went to DeJanae Christmas of the Central Christian Primary School, who also received a plaque and Kindle Fire. Kaiden J. Proctor of the Orealia Kelly Primary School received a plaque and Mini Tablet for capturing third place.

The Association also gave a certificate of recognition, and a gift certificate redeemable at Coral Reef Book Store, to the most outstanding student of each primary school, other than the winner of the overall competition. These students were: Tyneeka Woodley of the Adrian T Hazel Primary School; Shaequanique Hanley from Central Christian Primary School; Omar Hodge from Morris Vanterpool Primary School; Akiara Pina-Richardson from the Orealia Kelly Primary School and Jò Ardie Richardson from Valley Primary School. Special mention was made of the most creative essay which was done by Aliyah Richardson from Valley Primary School.

Coordinator of the essay competition, Ms. Yanique Stewart, gave an overview of the competition. She noted that after receiving all essays from the primary schools, the front page containing the names of the students and their schools were removed and replaced with a number. She stated, “The first mark was a blind mark, markers had no knowledge of the student or the school. The top essays were then given to a committee of four for the second marking where the winners were chosen”. Ms. Stewart observed that some students seemed to be well aware of the laws and conventions, and that: “We are truly impressed with the essays that were received. We are hoping that parents and teachers will encourage this sort of engagement with students, allowing them to have a world view and an opinion”.

Ms. Jean Dyer and Winner Rhonica Connor

The essay competition was a part of the 2015 Law Week. The competition was opened to all primary schools, however only six schools participated. President of the Anguilla Bar Association, Jean Dyer, gave brief remarks. She noted, “Our theme is ‘strengthen our families through the law.’ We thought that one way in which we could seek to strengthen our families, was the inclusion of our primary school children in the dialogue which we have been having with the community about the law and its role in our society”.

The Anguilla Bar Association has an ongoing mentorship programme for high school students. In an effort to expand its community service it decided to include the primary school students in some way this year. Ms. Dyer congratulated them for their achievements.